Frequently asked questions

Is Semasim compatible with every phone operator and SIM card size?

Yes, we support every phone opperator worldwide.
Yes, nano, micro and regular size card are all supported. We provide an adapter with every GSM dongle.

Does my phone need to be unlock?

No there is no need to unlock or jailbreak your phone.

Do I need internet to receive call and SMS?

Yes, your Semasim Box uses the Internet to send calls and SMS to your phone through the Semasim app.

Why Semasim protect my privacy?

Contrary to its competitors Semasim is a privacy by design solution. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t listen to your call or read your messages. Our solution garanties end-end encryption. STRP via DTLS. Check out more

Why Semasim?

Many people, either because they travel a lot or because they want to separate their private life from their professional life, need several numbers on their mobile. Yet the solutions available on the market are either not satisfactory or overpriced.

We offer an high quality and affordable solution that protects your privacy.