The SemaSim box

The Semasim Box is where you put your SIM cards.
The box stays at home, plugged to your internet router and transmits calls and SMS to your phone through the Semasim app as long as you have access to internet on your phone.

If you need more than 2 numbers on your mobile you can add a slot or get a hub.

Please note that the SIM cards are not included. We are not a mobile service provider but Semasim is compatible with every phone operator worldwide.

The Semasim App

The Semasim App permits you to access the SIM cards that are inside your SemaSim box as long as your phone has an internet connection.

Semasim is not another messaging application: people you communicate with don’t need to have SemaSim or even know that you’re using it.

Everything goes as if your SIM stayed in your phone: enjoy crystal-clear and latency-free phone calls and send as much SMS as you want wherever you are in the world!

As soon as your SIM card is in the Semasim box you can also access it through our web app at

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